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US Farmers Are Environmentalists Too

American farmers have a vested interest in ensuring the sustainability of their farming operations. Most farmers and their families have lived and worked on the land they farm for generations, which is strong motivation for using the most up-to-date and safest tools to control pests and diseases.

Pesticides are serious business and safety is the number one concern. Regulations governing the use of pesticies are prevalent at the federal, state and county levels. The state of California, where a large percentage of fresh fruits and vegetables are grown, has the strictest laws in the nation governing pesticides. In fact, before farmers can apply a pesticide in California, they must comply with over 70 individual laws and regulations.

These days, farmers are increasingly using fewer pesticides and those they do use are safer and more environmentally friendly. Most farmers incorporate farming practices known as Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, which involve non-chemical means of controlling pests along with careful use of pesticides. Meanwhile, government regulators work to: evaluate the safety of approved pesticides for each and every crop; continually monitor pesticide use; measure environmental impact ; and conduct sampling of foods to ensure any residues present are at safe levels.

This section of our website covers many areas of pesicide concern including residues on food, the environment and problems associated with pesticide drift.

We hope you will find this information valuable and reassuring.