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How to join the Alliance for Food and Farming

All activities of the Alliance for Food and Farming are funded by voluntary contributions. Our vision is to be the recognized and most credible voice of fruit and vegetable farmers committed to growing safe food for all consumers. We are successfully changing public discussion about the safety of fruits and vegetables by providing facts and credible, science-based information about these extremely healthy foods and the stringent government regulations required of produce farmers.

Membership in the Alliance for Food and Farming is available to farmers or companies who grow, sell, ship or market fruits and vegetables as well as to the associations who represent these businesses.

Reasons to Join

#1.  Be Part of our Network.

When it comes to complex food safety issues, the Alliance provides fruit and vegetable farmers with one collective and united voice.  Our science-based information is meant to encourage increased consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables – both conventional and organic. By working together we can make real change and raise confidence in the healthy, wholesome foods we provide to consumers.

#2. The Alliance keeps you informed about food safety issues.

The Alliance for Food and Farming works to keep you informed on the latest food safety issues.  Each day we monitor media and distribute a concise newsletter to quickly keep our members updated. The Alliance also publishes a number of reports and analyses on key food safety issues that could impact organic and conventional farms.

#3. The Alliance is an ever- present advocate for the safety of fruits and vegetables.

When the need arises to correct misinformation about the safety of fruits and vegetables, the Alliance for Food and Farming takes action.  Simply take a look at our Safe Fruits and Veggies website for an idea of how the Alliance advocates for the safety of our members’ products – both conventional and organic.  This is a job being done by the Alliance on behalf of farmers throughout the produce industry.  Our goal is to make sure consumers know all that goes in to producing safe fruits and vegetables and that they get the facts when a food safety issue arises in the media.

#4.  The Alliance Saves You Time.

Food safety issues are complex.  With everything else farmers must deal with, who has time to stay on top of it all?  When it comes to any food safety issues, you can rely on the Alliance to keep you informed. We are always here to help.