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Food Safety Topics


What is Happening in the World of Food Safety?

The Alliance for Food and Farming addresses important consumer concerns about the safety of fruits and vegetables. All information provided is based on credible, independent science and/or information from government regulatory bodies.

Pesticide Residues

The Alliance for Food and Farming promotes the consumption of both conventional and organic fruits and vegetables for good health. An entire website exists as a resource for consumers to obtain science-based information on the safety of both conventional and organic produce when it comes to pesticide residues. Click here for a brief overview of important information you need to know.  We encourage you to visit www.safefruitsandveggies.com for more facts.

Microbial Foodborne Illness

When a foodborne illness outbreak occurs it can have tragic consequences. Especially when an outbreak is associated with what are normally healthy fruits and vegetables. The Alliance for Food and Farming joins our members and fruit and vegetable farmers everywhere in their commitment to producing the safest food possible. We also support efforts to learn more about safer farming through research. The fruits and vegetables grown by Alliance for Food and Farming members are the same foods they take home to feed their own families, so there is tremendous incentive to produce safe food.

Analysis of Produce Related Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

In past years, the Alliance for Food and Farming has conducted an independent review of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Database of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks. This analysis has routinely found just 2 percent of all foodborne illness outbreaks with a known cause are associated with contamination of produce on the farm, in processing or transit. While very low, 2 percent is still too high for our members – their goal is to have zero illnesses associated with produce.

For a full copy of the Alliance for Food and Farming analysis of the CDC Database, please click here.

Other Fruit and Vegetable Food Safety Questions

Whenever the Alliance for Food and Farming hears there may be a problem with the safety of fruits and vegetables, we take action to learn if there is reason for alarm.  We will reach out to scientists, government regulators and other credible experts to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Please remember that fruit and vegetable farmers make their livelihoods from the healthy foods they grow and sell. No one is more concerned about producing safe food than the farmers who grow them – especially since the foods they grow are often first eaten by their own children and families.